Take a walk and have some fun. It’s summer!!! sue


A Gathering

On Saturday night a group of friends from Montville, Liberty, Searsmont, and further away , gathered to share an outdoor meal with candlelight. Mid way through the evening, and as the candlelight ambiance set the tone, it was suggested that we all take a turn at telling a story. True or otherwise. What fun! What a great idea! Stories were told, laughter was shared, and memories of our own personal adventures were offered up. Summer can be a hectic time when we busy ourselves with ‘making hay when the sunshines’, often filling our days with tasks and chores of the garden and a short growing season. What a delight to take time out, gather with friends, share a meal, and reconnect with those new and old friendships that are so important. An added bonus……….an evening of great stories!
Be well, denise

Wedding Season

sarah's bouquet
Another wedding invitation arrived in the mail today….and despite the fact that there are almost as many weddings in my summer as there are weekends, I still felt that instant excitement for the latest couple to make their way onto the refrigerator. So here is to all the couples out there tying the knot this summer, you give us pause to reflect on love, a chance to shed tears of joy and most importantly an excuse to dress-up and get out of the house and away from the garden…Thank you! And as they say…..”to everything turn, turn, turn. There is a season turn, turn, turn!”

Enjoy 🙂


Finding inspiration

This is a link to a video about flying kites – 3 to be more specific. As a mediocre kite flyer, I was totally enthralled with what I watched. The ‘kite flyer, Ray Bethell, took up kites for the first time after he retired. The kites are inspirational, as is the man. There are other clips of interviews with him that you can check out if interested.

Enjoy – Debbi

Rain, no Question!

The gardens need the rain and so do I.
Today I will bake bread and freeze rhubarb.
….or read….or knit….the possiblities
are endless!

Enjoy your day! sue

On a day that I think we’re going to have rain, I gear up with a list of indoor projects. Making bread, freezing the last of the spring spinach harvest, vacuuming the corners of the house that we turn a blind eye to when we are mostly outdoors. Then the sun comes out….I should weed the the lower garden and plant the rest of the peonies before the rain. But now it’s beginning to sprinkle, I’ll head back in and mix the bread dough. It’s developed into a light shower now, I’ll put the hot water on for the spinach. Ten minutes later, it’s letting up and more sun is poking through. Should I go dig holes for the peonies? Should I turn the water off for the spinach? Oh my, some days the weather and its unruly nature can turn a planned day upside down.