Lego Fun

Remember playing the hand held simon says or jumping on a pogo stick? What about sending a slinky down the stairs until it was so entangled it would never be the same again? It’s my impression that few toys are … Continue reading

February Gardens

The day I wrote this was a blue sky, bright sun, clean + crisp shadow patterns on white snow kind of day. I was enjoying the beauty and the not too cold temps and the seed catalog was on my desk. It wasn’t that I was so sick of winter. For the first time in a long time I was content to have the rest of the season unfold the way it wanted to. But the thought of ordering seeds and planting them in the unfrozen ground led me to these photos and daydreams of no jackets and dirt under my fingernails. I thought I’d share a few with you.

Enjoy – Debbi


In a country where they thrive on the sun
The sun rises every morning
Without fanfare
The day comes in gradual.
At home where we hope for a sunny day
The sun rises with all its glory
The coming of the day.


At home the day ends far too soon
Quietly but quickly
In a country of sunshine
The day ends
With the sun not wanting to depart
But must
Showing us again all its glory
The day that has been.

from Sue

While we’re Away

DSC_0413Some of us are in Costa Rica enjoying the hot sun, sand, and beaches. I have traveled to do some work in Ireland, with high winds and pelting rain accompanying me. Sheep, dogs, horses and great people are filling my days. Be Well, denise_DSC1067DSC_0423DSC02121

Alien Encounter

Greetings from Costa Rica. I thought I would share a few of my encounters with the local wildlife here……


Imagine meeting that in Ledge Pond! 🙂


I wouldn’t want to drive through a swarm of those at night!


For the record….they are definitely more than friends!

Enjoy, and thank you for listening!

‘computerizing’ my world

I admit I have a grudging relationship with computers. I bought my first computer because my kids needed to learn how to use one and navigate through the web, even though I felt I was being dragged into the 21st century. I do love having the immediacy of a library or encyclopedia right at my fingertips. As a long time solitaire addict, the games are very attractive, and feed my addiction well. Writing a letter without having to pay for a stamp is nothing to sneer at. However, now the phone seems to have become obsolete and everyone expects me to check my email every day to find out important information like meeting dates or deadlines for projects. Having a ‘conversation’ by email is just a bit too impersonal, and subject to computer glitches, for my taste. (Having said all that, here I am using my computer, enjoying what I’m doing,and looking forward to checking out who has emailed me.) Ahh, the love/hate conundrum.

I must also admit to having had no experience with blogs when we started this project. In fact I’d never looked at one and had to turn to my computer to get a definition of the word. Am I the only one that didn’t know it’s a “truncation of the expression web log”? However, the enthusiasm of my friends can be a powerful force and I do admit to enjoying writing (and figuring my way through computer logic…even when it isn’t logical and simple tasks, posting photos for example, become Mission Impossible.)

What I am enjoying the most is seeing the ideas and words that my friends have generated. Our everyday speech and our written words can be quite different and this page has given us all an opportunity to express ourselves in creative ways, and has encouraged others to share their thoughts with us. There have been days when all I could see was the problems getting things published and all I could feel was frustration. But when I log in and read what has been posted, I have words to think about and most often a smile on my face. Thank you to my friends for the inspired idea of 365montville and to you and all for keeping this web log up and running.

A Costa Rican Potluck

A true potluck, there was only one pot. Earlier in the day guest dropped off what ever fresh vegetables they had at home. Late in the afternoon the host started a fire outside and put a large pot of water on to boil. The host also provided the meat which went in first along with some seasonings (cilantro, sweet peppers,onions, and salt). Some of the guests arrived early to help cut up the vegetables and socialize. We arrived after sunset with bowls, some uncooked rice and half a bottle of wine. Introductions were made and the rice was put on to cook. The soup was ready!!!

sue's blog

No matter where you are in the world good food shared with others always makes for a good time.
Sue in Costa Rica