my new bedroom floor

from this:

to this:

with a lot of time and work in between.


Winter Days…..

Although I am not generally a soup fan, it seems that as the snow gets deeper and the days wind down earlier I get more and more cravings for a bowl full of something warm… here’s to a good soup!


What I Gave Thanks For………

This was a Thanksgiving different from any before. We knew that two of our family members would be traveling this Thanksgiving, and spending it with different friends instead of family. Noah is still on his epic journey to California and had his dinner with friends in Tennessee. I was still not home from my travels abroad. So, this was the year the dinner making torch was passed to my daughter. She was given the task of preparing her first Thanksgiving meal all by herself and serving this to the collected guests she had coming over ( Rick being one of the). She was pretty thrilled to have this opportunity to shine…….to have her day in the kitchen, and to be head chef for this very special occasion. And guess what?…..She did a brilliant job. An amazing job! Everything was ready on time, everything was absolutely delicious ( including home made cranberry sauce and chestnut stuffing), and all who were there together sharing the meal and day, were absolutely delighted. I gave thanks for this special girl, who is pretty grown up now, and who can do amazing things. Very proud, I am. And I give thanks for her equally amazing brother who can travel afar, join new friends for a Thanksgiving, and remember to call his big sister to say ” good job, you’re doing great, sorry to be missing it, and I love you “. Though this was a different Thanksgiving from years passed, I am grateful for my children’s ability to be flexible and to include celebration in their lives. They know how to embrace differences and change, as well as their own and others needs, and to carry on with the day and to be thankful. Good work. Good Day. Hope everyone delighted in their own Thanksgiving celebration.
be well, denise

Turkey Day

This year I am very thankful for the opportunity to spend this Holiday with my family. It has been six years since we have had everyone home. We have also been blessed with two new additions to our family,Lena and Noah.
To family, friends, snow and our favorite foods. Enjoy the day. sue


Where I’m At……..

We often comment on the weather here on the blog. Documenting the seasons and what comes along with them ( in the way of weather) seems to be a trend. Not very different from our forefathers who , in their own diaries, kept detailed records of the weather from day to day……often spanning years of one’s life. What’s different for me right now, while contemplating the weather, is that I’m not in my usual surroundings. I know we are having a warm day back in Maine……somewhere around 50 degrees or so. From Ireland, I have since made a stop to be with friends in Key Largo, Florida, I’ll be here for a couple of days. The weather here……85 degrees and really humid! Ugh! It’s just not right. I’ll be home soon, and hoping it’s cold enough to run both wood stoves!