Nearing The End

Yes, we’re nearing the end of this year old blog. Tomorrow will be our last post, one more opportunity for our collective voices to form some words on this site. So, tonight I sit feeling the cold ( really? finally!) of this winter, not questioning the wood stove’s need for one more log, having gone out to make sure the chickens have extra straw in their nest boxes, and that the sheep have a few extra flakes of hay, and contemplating the last few words of 365montville.



My favorite part of the Holidays has always been the week between Christmas and New Years. When the children were little it was a time to spend at home, all of us had the week off. It often was when we made Christmas Baskets for friends and neighbors, we would deliver them with time to visit with the recipients. This year, now that our family has grown (and is still growing) we are less likely to go out, we have been lucky to have had friends and family take the time to stop by to visit us. We have been blessed with the gift of time, and this is still my favorite time of year. sue

Too Much Eggnog

Picture 1248During the holidays it’s eay to over indulge……..too much eggnog spiked with a bit of brandy, may mean a night passed out under the Christmas tree.

traditions of light

Today is the last day of Chanukah, which ends at sundown. And tonight is Christmas eve. The spilling over of one holiday, one tradition, into the next is always a bit confusing, creating a slightly off balance feeling at first.

Chanukah is the holiday I grew up with. Every night this past week, as I lit the candles, I stood in their light and felt myself in a very familiar place, with faint whiffs of childhood. Many years, different houses, and yet a recognizable, comfortable ritual. A simple holiday, it celebrates freedom and a miracle of holy light. Not a glittery, decked-out holiday, it still has the ability to light me from within.
Christmas is my adopted holiday, growing through the years as my children have grown, creating new traditions that continue through today. I love having a tree in the house, big and fragrant, that brings the outside inside the walls of my home. Favorite ornaments are hung every year, bringing with them stories of past tree trimmings…like the year my toddler son carefully hung all the paper-mache apples on one branch. Christmas music, Christmas fragrances, lights twinkling, all create a very special atmosphere. And each night, before I go to bed, I will turn out all the house lights and sit in the glow of the lights hung in the tree.
Different holidays, each one bringing me to a place of standing in the glow of light.
Happy Holiday – Debbi