365 revisited

A year ago today, four friends started an adventure of words and imagination. We challenged ourselves to commit to a project that would last 365 days, stretching our minds to share thoughts, sights, insights, recipes. We stumbled over keeping track of who’s turn it was, each coming up with our own way of remembering which was “our” day. We grumbled and groused and rediscovered an opportunity for expression we had not exercised in a long time. The computer had never been my first choice for communication… and the appeal of reaching a wider audience was attractive. Placing one’s thoughts in black and white to share, I discovered, was different than speaking those thoughts, or even writing them down in a journal. I found a voice inside me that I had forgotten, and experienced for the first time that inner voices of my friends. Some days the eloquence flowed easily while other days an idea for a topic seemed unattainable.
The 365 days have fled, leaving me with feelings of loss (and relief). Perhaps we have inspired you to try a new recipe, check out more about someone we quoted here, put thoughts to paper. The project has left me with a desire to find new ways to continue exploring and writing.
Thank you to my friends for creating and sharing this journey. And thank you to all who stopped by to read, left us a note, or passed on some thoughts.
Today ended with a beautiful orange and turquoise sky. Tonight is clear and bright, lit by a growing moon. Tomorrow is the start of a new year. Enjoy – Debbi

And……..for our very last entry on 365montville, we’ve decided to each add a few last words, a few last thoughts, a few last happenings from Montville, Maine. One never really knows what you’re getting yourself into when someone makes a suggestion to take part in a year long diary. When you first begin, all kinds of things to talk about come to mind. Funny how quickly you run out of things to say. But we’ve done our best to stay with it, to fill in three hundred and sixty five days worth of words and thoughts and experiences. We’re not always certain as to who’s actually reading our blog, but I do know how often I’ve logged in and found delight in the stories, recipes, and thoughts of some of my dearest friends. I am glad that there is written record of a few Montville women who thought writing this blog was a good idea. I think it was. So, goodbye from 365montville, Happy New Year to all…….and be well, Denise

And from Sue………A year starts out small, quiet, and reflective of the year just past. It changes subtly without much fanfare, growing in accumulative experiences, the pace quickens, and we find ourselves not really minding after such a slow start. We become excited and recharged by its energy, spring.

Our time for reflection wanes as we become engaged and interactive with this energy. Caught up in the glorious bountifulness of new growth we lose sight of our mortality. One feels nurtured and safe by long warm days, summer.

Changes in the air are easier to detect, things move faster, the energy has grown into an entity of its own. We find ourselves riding a wave, a wave we can’t get off of, increasing with intensity, frantic, fall.

Glimmers of mortality return, this frantic energy propels us forward, looking desperately for a way to end the ride or at least a way to slow it down. It happens quickly, cold sets in, the quiet returns, an understanding of death, winter. And yet in this stillness we feel a stirring of things yet to come.

A new year. The young will ride this new wave; those in their prime will challenge the biggest waves and those that are seasoned will find a hand hold and quietly smile. It has been a great year in Montville and I feel blessed by the opportunity to go along for the ride. Sue

From Casey
On New Year’s Eve if you look up for the brightest star in the sky, Sirius will be at its highest at midnight. For centuries, people have looked to Sirius for guidance and hope. The ancient Romans called the rising of the Dog Star at dawn their “dog days.” I can only hope that as we enter another new year on the calendar that you feel like you too are entering your dog days. The last 365 days have signaled much change for me, some good, some not so good, but each and every experience was an opportunity to learn and grow. As we welcome the new year in, let’s also welcome in all the chances for change, reflection and growth that it will afford us.
When in doubt…look up for guidance…….continue to enjoy……and above all, thank you for listening!