grafton6Last Thursday a friend and I set off on one of our sporadic get-in-the-car-and-drive adventures that was long overdue. This time we actually looked at the map for road information before we headed west. We ended up at Grafton Notch State Park in Newry, a place I had driven through numerous times on the way to Canada but had never stopped to explore. We spent a picture perfect blue sky and autumn colors afternoon exploring places like Mother Falls, Screw Auger Falls, Moose Cave and the Eyebrow Trail. Grafton Notch is a delightful mixture of bedrock worn smooth by water and enormous blocks of granite tumbled together to form gorges and caves. The trees, towering above us on steep cliffs, were a palette of shining yellow and orange and red. The photos are all recorded in my mind’s eye so I have a few Internet ones to share with you.


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  1. Thanks for the note about Grafton Notch! I go through there about every weekend and I agree, it’s beautiful. The cool part about all this is that I have an attachment to Montville as well as the Notch. On the weekends I don’t go to camp, I’m visiting my brother and sister! Maine is home.

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