not today….

I had hoped to post a picture of the newest member of my family today….but after 24 hours of “it’s coming for sure” my little niece or nephew wasn’t quite as sure as the rest of us! So while I cross my fingers and hope for tomorrow I will share a sight my good friend sent my way on a recent trip to sugarloaf country.
Enjoy! -Casey



This past month has been very hectic and not always productive. The car that I thought I would continue to resurrect forever had different ideas on the subject and I found myself looking for a new (to me) car. Craig’s List revealed a car that was the same year and make as mine, with way less miles. The post had up for one hour and I jumped at the chance. Driving my daughter’s car to Portland, I checked it over and quickly decided. I had to find a ride back down the next day, and after the paperwork was completed, and my checkbook lighter, I happily drove off. Onto 295, where it started shimmying at 60 MPH. A quick trip to a trusted mechanic revealed a broken belt in the tire. Back to Portland, determined to be polite but firm about replacing the tire. I showed them the tire and the mechanic readily accepted he had missed the problem. He then put the car on the lift and replaced both front tires to ensure it would ride O.K.
So often we have come to expect a problem or resistance, especially far from home in a ‘big city’. It was a wonderful surprise and relief to be reassured that honest people are still out there taking care of a probably one time only customer.
Enjoy – Debbi

That Time Again, For Some

In town yesterday (Belfast), we noticed more local traffic, especially in and out of the Reny’s plaza area. Oh yeah…….school starts next week. Folks buying school supplies and new sneakers and such. But no one from this house will be standing out early in the a.m. waiting for the school bus to scoop them up. We won’t be gathering home schooling curriculum or planning their topics of study. Buying new socks and some notebooks will now coincide with toes poking through or a need for paper that will have nothing to do with class requirements. We’re done with all that, with Noah graduating this past spring and heading out in the fall for a grand adventure of traveling. Perhaps, I will buy him a new pair of socks before he goes and a notebook to record his adventures!
be well, denise


She knows just where I dream to go,
Remembers where I’ve been.
Accepts me just the way I am
And treats me like a friend.

She’s someone who is there for me,
No matter what or when.
And every time I’m with her,
It’s like coming home again!


Worn Out

My very good friend, Debbie , came this afternoon and flopped herself into an easy chair. One of the cushy ones. She looked tired. Worn out from hustling at a vendors booth at the folk festival this weekend, running errands for a friend in Belfast, gardening for some folks who need an extra pair of hands, and of course tending to her own life and all the many chores she has.( don’t we all?). I was glad she could take a few minutes to rest, chat a bit , and catch up on the news of our busy lives. I’ll be glad when we have a few extra moments in the day to really have some time to enjoy each others company. Later Debbie called to say her internet was down and could I post something for her…….and here it is, a brief account of my too brief visit with a dear friend.
Be well, denise


August is the month of summer in Montville (usually)!
Last week I was wondering if the sun and warm weather
had forgotten us, BUT IT’S BACK, just in time to
ripen the tomatoes and turn those green peppers red.
We are close to the end of the month September is
nearly upon us so…..
…go to the beach.
…take the canoe out.
…go get an ice cream, that’s what I did today.