For Sue and Glenn Martin

365montville was a project taken on by Sue, Casey, Denise and me, a daily posting about everyday images and thoughts of life here in Montville through the year 2014. We’re starting this blog up again, this time to share ideas, events, and updates about Sue and Glenn Martin as they move forward in rebuilding their life and home after this devastating fire. They have given so much to this community over the years. Now it’s our opportunity to give back to them.
We’ll post any events (like fundraisers) that are happening, as well as thoughts or requests or just info on where things are at.
I like the rebirth of this site as yet another commentary on Montville and surrounding town residents, rallying around our friends and neighbors, showing just what makes this community the gift that it is.

As of today, Tuesday March 31, the family’s basic needs (clothing, shelter) have been taken care of. We will be letting folks know about specific help or items that will be needed in the coming days and months. Abby Hills will also be emailing folks about goings on. People are welcome to leave their thoughts or ideas as comments on this site.

Here’s some of what is happening:
1. Auction and Potluck April 12 at the Liberty Community Hall. The auction runs from 1 – 4 with dinner afterwards from 4 – 8. For details check out this link – or call Lori Mayer @ 589-4141
2. Quilt Project I’m asking for 12.5 in. by 12.5 in cotton squares (the 1/2 inch extra is for a 1/4 inch seam on each side.) Anything you’d like to create would be wonderful. Please drop off your squares at the Montville Grange Hall, which will be unlocked. I’ll have a box out on one of the tables for the squares. If you would like to contribute please have them done by April 19th. We’ll hoping to end up creating more than one quilt. More information to follow about piecing the squares.
3. Craft and Material Supplies We’re also starting to collect material, wool yarn, any sewing or knitting items, craft items like beads, etc. to rebuild Sue’s lost collection. Over the years Sue has created beautiful/whimsical dolls and animals and sweaters and…She has no place for this as yet, but we’d like to have some things together for her when she can finally have time to focus on the art that she loves. There will be boxes at the grange for these as well.
4. Photos A lifetime of photos were lost in the fire. We’re asking people to look through their collections for any pictures relating to the Martin and Freeman families. People can bring photos to the April 12th event and there will be scanners there for actual prints. Or call Ellen Freeman @ 342-4573 to arrange scanning (or giving of photos)
Another way to share your photos is to email them to There is also a dropbox being set up online for photos. Send a note to the above email if you want to be invited to use it.
– Online: or
– Camden National Bank in Belfast – just say you want to deposit funds for Sue and Glenn Martin
– Drop off at either the town office in Montville or Liberty and say it is for Glenn and Sue

We know that lots of people in the community have ideas and want to help. We’re asking that you please contact Jodie Martin @ 930-9876 or Casey Martin @ 930-5408 first in order to keep things organized and help keep the chaos to a minimum.
Thanks – Debbi


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